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Subscriptions Now Available

Subscriptions are now available for our Sudoku Grand Masters, Sudoku Challenge, Sudoku Time and Everyday Sudoku titles. You can Purchase them through the online shop (see 'Subscriptions & Store') or b...
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Sudoku Grand Masters

Sudoku Grand Masters

Only the most serious sudoku solvers need apply!! Sudoku Grand Masters is designed for the real expert and each issue starts at the intermediate level progressing to the devilishly difficult Expert Level 2. Grand Masters is sudoku in its purest form and features only 9 by 9 grids.

Launched in August 05, early editions included some 16 by 16 grids, Kakuro and other sudoku derivatives - all at the difficult level. But our readers gave a very clear feed-back - they are too focused to be distracted by “gimmicks”!

Sudoku Grand Masters recently increased pagination to 52 pages with over 30% more puzzles.